Farm Helper Ver 2.0 You are looking at the best Farmville bot on the internet!

  • Plow all your land in one click!
  • Seed in one click!
  • Harvest all your fully grown crops in one click!
  • Collect from all your ready animals in one click!
  • Collect your trees in one click!
  • Exchange coins for experience points!
  • Earn 100.000XP in a day!
  • Unlimited Automatic updates!
  • and much more...

You like Farmville, but tired of clicking?
Farm Helper does it all for you! No need for a Tractor, Seeder or Harvester!
You dont need fuel any more!

About Farm Helper

Farmville is the most popular flash game on facebook for its creative features and great in game design. Farms start off as small plots of land ready for you to sink your first plow tool into it. Users play and expand their farms to great sizes to the point when harvesting and plowing become quite a task. For this reason, Farm Helper was created.

What Farm Helper Does

With a single click, Farm Helper can harvest, plow, or plant your crops. It even has the ability to harvest your animals and trees with no complicated coordinate input on your part. If that isn't enough there is a built in feature that allows you to trade your coins for experience, allowing you to level higher than your friends without doing any work. Get over 9000 exp an hour!

No more dirty work! Farm Helper does it all for you! No need for a Tractor, Seeder or Harvester and you dont need fuel any more! Download Farm Helper HERE! And see it for yourself.